Shopping and Dining in HK

Butcher in Hong KongEveryone comes to Hong Kong to shop. It’s a paradise of all sorts of items, Asian and international wares. Here, the reputation for reasonably priced good has reached to the far corners of the world.

In Hong Kong, there is no other way to describe shopping except to say that it is complete. There is almost no other country in the world that can offer such a wide range of jewelry, clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, appliances, toys, and just about any other product you can imagine.

The best part about shopping in Hong Kong is that it is organized. When you get to Hong Kong, there are specific areas you can go for the branded items, as there are specific locations for unbranded products that you might want to buy at an unbelievable price.

Let’s say for instance you would want to get trendy clothes, bags, and shoes to bring back home to sell. All you need to do is to visit the street markets in Tung Choi Street. Here haggling is an art form. It pays if you can speak Chinese, but if not, the vendors are still pretty easy to convince to drop their selling prices a few Hong Kong dollars.

For knick knacks, there is no better place to go than Temple Street. This is a night market which makes it all the more interesting. The weather is cooler and the buys are aplenty. You will find it a little bit more chaotic, but if you keep your bag close to your chest and protected at all times, you should be able to enjoy your ultimate shopping extravaganza.

A visit to Hong Kong would not be complete without a quick stop to one of the fortune tellers in Yau Ma Tei Street. It can be quite a thrill to find out what’s in store for you. It’s all in good fun, and obviously should not be taken too seriously.

Stanley Market is a historic area where you can find collectibles, precious silk and artwork. This is the place to go for that extra special gift you want to take home to precious relatives and friends.

If you end up walking around for a few hours, you might be interested in sampling the delicious restaurants in Murray House or some of the dining shops along the waterfront.

Hong Kong is one big market, so the selection of places to go to buy souvenirs or gift items are amazingly wide. Other places to drop by are Li Yuen Street East and West, and Jardine’s Crescent.

For a splendid and sumptuous dining experience, Hong Kong still remains unchallenged. If there are great finds in shopping, there are equally fabulous places to dine which serve the most delectable dim sum, seafood, all the regional Chinese food including Cantonese food. There are over 11,000 restaurants in Hong Kong including some that serve Western style dishes for those tourists who prefer to stick to the familiar.

To enjoy a quality culinary meal, just look for the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) sign. This will indicate to you that the preparation, freshness, and quality of the food served pass stringent annual assessment.

When dining in Hong Kong, try to avoid the lunch (from 1 to 2 pm) , dinner and weekend crowds because you would have a difficult time finding a table. Make a reservation especially if you plan to bring along a big group.

Walking in from the street in casual clothes is usually acceptable, and you should expect a 10% service charge added to your bill. Most restaurants offer free house tea which is quite refreshing and tasty, and in some cases, a free appetizer to start your meal right.

Shopping and dining in Hong Kong are two of the most memorable experiences when visiting this historic city. For these two reasons alone, going back again to Hong Kong regularly will be worth the trip.

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