Travel To Hong Kong

A plan to visit Hong Kong will never be hard to make because Hong Kong is a major tourist destination. This means that you can get to Hong Kong by almost any means possible. Hong Kong is the tourist destination in Southeast Asia, and the Hong Kong government has made sure that all roads lead to their beautiful city of lights.

Hong Kong By Air

When the new international airport in Lantau Island was completed in 1998, the Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong became a major transport hub for China and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Practically all international airlines fly to Hong Kong, plus there are also Hong Kong airlines like Cathay Pacific, Air Hong Kong, Dragon Air, Hong Kong Airlines, and Hong Kong Express. It does not matter from what corner of the globe you are coming from, there will probably be a flight to Hong Kong, or at the very least a connecting flight that will take you to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong By Ferry

The ferries you see coming into Hong Kong usually come from Macau or mainland China. It will take about one hour if you are taking the Macau ferry. In the same manner, from Hong Kong, you can take a quick trip to Macau to see some of the sights there, or witness the Macau Grand Prix. You will need to have a valid visa to enter either Hong Kong or Macau.

Hong Kong by Road

Traveling from mainland China to Hong Kong by road is also very easy to do. There is a efficient road network that has been built connecting the two areas. Tourists Airport in Hong Kongcan use any of 5 checkpoints in the China-Hong Kong border, which includes the popular Lo Wu.

If you do not want to rent a car or taxi to bring you to Hong Kong, you can take one of the many buses that traverse the road network to Hong Kong. There are regular bus services to Hong Kong from Guangzhou Province, Shenzhen and many other major provinces in mainland China. On the trip back to mainland China, the bus service leaves from the New Territories, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong by Train

There is also an very well run railway system in Hong Kong which connects to mainland China. The regular trains pass through all the major cities in mainland China, including Beijing, the capital city.

From Europe, it is possible to travel by train to Hong Kong. You will just need to take the Trans-Siberian Train to Beijing, which then will bring you further down to Hong Kong.

As you can see, traveling to Hong Kong is made possible in all ways, land, sea and air. There is absolutely no reason not to visit the wonderful, vibrant city called Hong Kong, the shopping and dining jewel of Southeast Asia.

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